Andy Pranky Pudding and Pie is the second episode of Season Three.

Recap Edit

It begins with Andy running along at night. Someone behind him shouts "I hope you're hungry when I catch you!". Danny catches up to him and Andy says that his sister was having a hard time accepting that Andy is not the same little kid she used to babysit. Danny says that Jen is making short work of a sculpture.

Andy makes a peanut butter and banana sandwich, noting it was good enough for Elvis. Freida calls Jen to do a favor and Andy talks to the sandwich, pretending to be Elvis. He then starts to eat the sandwich, while Jen asks where her Sweet Miss magazine is and threatens to make sure Andy never uses his hand again if he took it. Jen asks Andy where it is, calling him an overgrown parasite, surprising Andy, whose banana slices fall out of his sandwich, leading Spank to eat them. Andy then loses his appetite and feeds Spank the whole sandwich when he sees Freida and Jen both in face masks. Freida asks a favor. Jen says that it was only one that involved her staying home, emulsifying her skin, and reading magazines, leading Andy to joke that Jen can't read. Jen says that she is "beautifying" herself because Craig has asked her out the next night. Andy jokes that she won't be beautiful until 2039. Freida says her friend Luella needs them to babysit her two boys as she's going to an artist who specializes in moose poop. Andy imagines himself as a moose poop artist. Jen refuses to babysit because of "Idiot Boy". Freida says Luella's boys are angels, not like Andy, who says "Hey, I'm right here!" Freida says that Luella can't find anyone else. Jen reminds them of Andy when he was little used a bucket-of-water-on-the-door prank, a powder-in-Jen's-slippers prank, and a breaking-a-vase-prank. Freida apologizes and says that the boys are not like Andy as Anthony is an A student and Bobby is helpful. Andy plans to prank the babysitters and he listens into Jen's phone call with Craig, pretending Jen has a mustache.

That night, the boys say hello, leading Freida to call them gentlemen. Luella says that bedtime is in an hour, and she can eat their food. Bobby wonders if Jen is an angel and Freida says Bobby is just straightforward. Jen asks the boys if they want to watch TV or play catch, but Bobby says Luella doesn't like TV and Anthony says his dad doesn't like sports. Anthony then says "I'm supposed to draw something beautiful for school. Could I draw you?", which flatters Jen.

Andy and Danny are walking along and discuss pranks. Andy says that the prank he's got planned now is more efficient than his pranks as a little kid. They sneak behind the house. Andy waves to them. They talk to him. Anthony asks if he's babysitting them too and Bobby says that Jen is pretty and nice. Andy says the boys are naive and that it is Surprise Jen Day. He tells them to keep Jen busy and out of the kitchen so he can prepare a surprise for her. Anthony draws Jen, but not very well as he is just a little kid. Jen asks what to do next (Andy and Danny are at the window). Bobby says to bake cookies. Both boys dance. Jen thinks it is too late to bake cookies and suggests they get a snack. Jen asks where the sweets are and Anthony says they don't have any. Bobby says he likes green peppers. Anthony points out the dried fruits. Andy is outside the window. Anthony says they only eat a certain one on holidays, while a pot falls out, and Jen puts it back. Anthony and Bobby want to bake green pepper cookies. Jen thinks it's too late to bake, but accepts. Andy and Danny high-five. When Jen opens the cupboard, she gets covered in vinegar. Anthony says she smells like chicken wings. Bobby says he doesn't like chicken wings. Jen calls them "urchins" and says she doesn't care what they like or don't like. The phone rings. Jen talks to Andy on the phone, who says he made popcorn and wants to know where the seasoning is. Jen says "Look above the microwave". Anthony thinks Jen was talking to herself and says that Luella "mommy" does too. Jen has a hard time washing herself, when the phone rings, and she slips. Anthony answers it and gives it to Jen. It's Danny pretending to be Craig. Craig-Danny says he is staring into space and pretends to have a cold and that he (Craig) is visiting in fifteen minutes. Jen explains she has to take a shower and asks the boys to watch a movie. She sets them up. Anthony opens the window and says to Andy that Jen got a surprise but he doesn't think it's a happy one. Andy says Anthony is perceptive and tells the kids she didn't think the "surprise" was big enough. Anthony suggests a big surprise. Andy wants to marry Lori and have kids. The four boys then plan another "surprise". Anthony finger paints and Jen can't find a working hairdryer. Bobby says she is pretty. Jen says Anthony has to be careful with his painting. He says he will be careful and points out that the kitchen is still dirty. She tries to clean it up. She asks where the mop is and Anthony says it is in the garage and you have to wear slippers. Jen remembers the slipper incident when she and Andy were little kids. She looks at the slippers and puts them back. She then realizes there is paint on her slippers. Anthony answers the phone and gives it to Jen. It is Danny-Craig again. Then, the little boys pretend to have to go to the bathroom. Danny pretends to ask for a snack. Anthony and Bobby cry. Jen goes to clean up. Danny congratulates Andy. Anthony says she didn't look happy at the surprise. They then plan a bigger "surprise". They pretend it's bedtime. She tells a story. Andy and Danny uses string for a prank. Jen finishes the story and sings a warbly lullaby. Anthony spills his water. Then the doorbell rings. Jen says she's not ready. The phone rings. Bobby asks for water and Anthony asks for water. Jen sees the strings. Andy and Danny hide. Everything falls but nothing breaks except a vase. The grownups arrive and Luella is shocked at Bobby's breath-holding. The boys go to bed. The grownups think Jen did it and bring a sculpture as a thank-you. Al thinks it was not Andy. She uses the phone to find Andy and Danny. Jen then chases the boys, who call Jen a monkey.

Trivia Edit

  • Jen still called Andy names and did the high pitched growl when she babysat Andy.
  • Andy and Danny believe the stereotype that "Anthony and Bobby don't watch very much TV so they're creative and well-read", which is ironic as Andy watches lots of TV and, while not exactly well-read, is very creative when it comes to pranks.