1. All the people who provided the voices in season 1 are replaced, except for Andy
  2. The show takes place in Canada instead of USA
  3. The statue in front of town hall changes from a giant gnome to a wooden gnome like creature(Mr. E.G)
  4. Gackle Burger(logo on the building is a drink) is renamed to Beans and Burger(logo on the building is a hot dog)
  5. Empire theater is renamed to 1Plex theater
  6. Andy ends up in his underpants at the end of the episodes much less
  7. The Larkins drive a teal coloured car instead of a beige SUV
  8. Mush's car becomes light blue from dark blue
  9. Mr.Larkin's boss becomes Mr.Timberly instead of Mr.Rogers
  10. Steve Rowgee Senior and Junior wear different uniforms
  11. Principal DeRosa's car becomes purple from yellow
  12. Danny's scooter is not used or seen anymore
  13. Jervis' house looks different
  14. Andy has and uses a cellphone
  15. Andy stops freezing the camera when he is talking to us