Emergency Spew Relish is an episode of What's With Andy.

It starts with Freida Larkin saying goodbye to Andrew "Andy" Larkin, who is going on his first train trip. At the station, he asks Daniel "Danny" Thaddeus Pickett if he's ready for "Operation Stanky". Danny says yes and they board the train. Andy explains to the viewers that he and Danny are planning to evacuate the whole car by stinking them out. Then, a small poodle chews on his pants leg. Andy sets Danny's stink bomb from Dog Breath, Sour Milk, Public Toilet and Garbage Dump to a setting called The Works and announces that he needs to "lay a bomb." He then goes into the bathroom and drops the bomb. This stinks most people out, but four people are left. He scares out a sneezy man by pretending to have "rhino-googly-osis." Danny likes his false disease name, and Andy says the other name he was thinking of was "multi-snotty-osis". Andy then asks Andy if they should evacuate two men he dubbed Humpty and Dumpty first, or an old lady he dubbed Grandma Moses. Danny picks Humpty and Dumpty. One of them is a professional card shuffler. Andy says that they should play Go Fish and the loser leaves the car. Andy soon gets bored with the game and tells Danny to operate Joke No. 87. Danny asks if Andy means 87-A or 87-B, and Andy says for him to do B. Danny locks the engineer out of the room and announces there are hamburgers for free in the Snack Car. This causes the card shuffler to leave, but not his friend, who is a vegetarian. Danny says there is also free pie, which tempts the vegetarian, who has a sweet tooth. This leaves only "Grandma Moses" and her dog. "Grandma Moses" likes Andy's company. The dog (Oliver) chews Andy's leg, which "Grandma Moses" interprets as a sign of affection. Andy then pretends he feels train-sick and asks "Grandma Moses" to leave, but she says she is staying to "take care" of him if he throws up. He thinks of being rude, but thinks that won't do, and takes out corn relish, which he calls "spew relish", because he believes it looks and smells just like spew. He uses it to pretend to vomit into the provided container. Then, he asks her to leave, but she says she is staying. The engineer then shows up and Danny's in trouble. They go through the Snack Car, where "Humpty and Dumpty" are demanding free hamburgers and pie. A growling dog intimidates the boys. They set it loose and it rips up the engineer's clothes. The boys then go back to their car via the roof. The engineer storms in again, and Andy and Danny pretend to be grannies.

Quotes Edit

  • "I was promised pie, and I'm gonna get pie!"-Vegetarian Man.
  • "Well, I hafta tell ya, I get train sick. Thinking about trains makes me wanna retch." "Oh, you poor, poor dear." "Uh, actually, I'm feeling kinda queasy right now. You might wanna move somewhere else. Like another car. I dunno how safe it is where you're sitting." "Nonsense. If you get sick, who'll be there to take care of you? I'm staying right here!"-Andy and "Grandma Moses".
  • "This has gone too far. It's time for my secret weapon. Spew relish. What's spew relish? Well, in stores it's called corn relish, but it looks and smells just like spew. And I always carry some with me just for emergencies."-Andy
  • "Attention, passengers! We're giving away free hamburgers in the Snack Car. Repeat. Free hamburgers in the Snack Car. While supplies last" "'Scuse me." "I'm a vegetarian." "There's also free pie." "I have a sweet tooth."-Danny, "Humpty, and Dumpty."
  • "We're gonna hijack this train car! Well, maybe 'hijack' is too strong a word. Basically the point is to get everyone to move so we can have a whole train car to ourselves. The plan is to stink everyone out."-Andy
  • "Loaded and ready to release horrible smells!"-Danny
  • "I dunno what was in that burrito I ate this morning, but I hafta lay a bomb!"-Andy
  • "Are you OK?" "No, I have, uh, (check this out. I call it germ warfare.)" "What do you have?" "I have, I have, uh, I have rhino-googly-osis." Extremely contagious. I'm sorry. Where are my manners. I'm Andy." "Rhino-googly-osis. I like it. It was that or multi-snotty-osis. So. One down, three to go. Who should we take care of first? Humpty and Dumpty, or Grandma Moses?" "Hmm, I'd say Humpty and Dumpty"-Man with Irritated Nose, Andy and Danny.