Tired of Andy pulling more pranks, Principal DeRosa send Andy to Miss. Murphy to help her out. Miss. Murphy was pleased to see him helping her around. Andy has to clean her office while Miss. Murphy went to get John. Then, she thanked him for doing some chores. As Andy exit, he laughs quietly as he hears them talking.

John: "No! I want to get out! Help me!"

Miss. Murphy: "Take a seat, you naughty boy!"

The next morning, Andy did the chores very well again. But this time, Miss. Murphy wasn't too happy, all because of John who still refuses to go with her. So, Miss. Murphy send Andy to go get John. But when Andy got to John's class, John threw the chair at him. Andy was so mad that he drags John himself all the way to Miss. Murphy's office. Miss Murphy thanks Andy for his help to get John.

Miss. Murphy: "That's it! I'm calling your parents!"

John: "No! Please don't call my parents! Please!"

John's parents have arrived at her office while Andy still hearing their talking about John's behavior and laughed quietly again. 

Miss. Murphy: "I'm so sorry to tell you, but John is being naughty again."

John's Mom: "John, if one more annoying behavior and it'll be no TV, no video games, no nothing!"

John: "Why do I have to go to Miss. Murphy's office?"

John's Dad: "Because of your foolishness."

John: "I'm sorry! I'll behave next time!"

That gives Andy an idea to get John into trouble again. On the very next day, Andy puts a whoopie cushion on the teacher's chair in John's class with a note that it was John. The teacher told John that he did it. So he was forced to be sent to the office. Once he was in the office, he saw Principal DeRosa, his parents and Miss. Murphy who were waiting for him.

Miss. Murphy: "That's it! No more Ms. Nice Guy. I want you in my office tomorrow morning!"

John: "But I didn't do anything!"

DeRosa: "Oh, really? Prove this."

John: "But why?"

John's Dad: "You're in a lot of trouble, boy." 

John's Mom: "Your father's right. This time, you gone too far."

And so, Miss. Murphy told Andy that he's free to go and John got tied up on the chair in her office. She puts on the loud opera music to make John go crazy. Andy met Danny at his locker as he laughs about John and they went to Beans and Burger for dinner.