Norman Larkin is the Grandfather of Andy Larkin, and the Father of Al Larkin, who was also once the mystery Prankster of East Gackle. He was infamous for his high school pranks and for making people believe the school was haunted in his youth. While he appears in few episodes he is a very influencial character in both of them as he is his grandson's inspiration to become the world's greatest prankster.

He often helps Andy out of trouble when he visit's his family and gives him tips and advice on pranking and teaches him new tricks he can use. Norman and Andy often pull pranks on Al and other people for fun.

When his son was a child, Norman thought Al wasn't a prankster since he never thought Al got into pranking after pulling a few tricks on him, and his pranks often strained his and Al's relationship, especially when Norman dressed as a gorilla on Al and Freida's wedding day and caused a riot. What Norman never knew was that his son was an amazing prankster but was known as "The Mystery Prankster of East Gackle" as no one, not even Norman knew it was Al. Al might have kept it a secret from his father since Norman often got in trouble for his own pranks and Al didn't want the backlash from his community like his father, and probably didn't want to risk his father gloating to East Gackle that his son was the mystery prankster out of pride that Al carried on the Larkin pranking legacy like his son Andy would in the future.


Like his grandson he is very free spirited and mostly irresponsible but wise, and is a tactile genius who taught Andy everything there was to know about pranking.