These are characters who only appeared once, or don't have names, but were still important.

Martin's Parrot Edit

Martin has a parrot that the Larkins sat for in The Prank That Never Happened. The parrot is red with an orange beak and feet. It is unknown what its gender is, but it could be male as it says "Who's a clever boy?". It can say a few phrases and often repeats itself. Its known phrases are

  1. Who's a clever boy?
  2. Cough up the twenty (learned from the biker)
  3. Don't hurt me (learned from Alfred "Al" Larkin)
  4. Recycling truck (learned from Andrew "Andy" Larkin)
  5. P.U. (learned from Jennifer "Jen" Larkin)

It helped convince Al that the prank actually did happen, by saying phrases it learnt during the biker's visit, and because Jen had lined its cage with the newspaper that Andy had used for a prank.

The Biker Edit

In The Prank That Never Happened, Andy's wallet prank was picked up by an intimidating biker who rode a Harley and demanded the twenty dollars the prank promised.

In looks, the biker is a broad man with lighter skin than Al, brown hair, and stubble, and wearing black boots, blue jeans, an unbuckled black belt, a black jacket, a grey T-shirt, and a red handkerchief around his hat. He is much taller than Al.

He is very serious, not smiling, and also is pretty demanding, insisting that Mr Larkin "cough up" the twenty dollar reward, even after Al had said that he couldn't. He is also shown to be easily offended, as when Al said that he couldn't help, he said "Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?"

Rachel Edit

Rachel is a pale-skinned, slim girl with blonde, bobbed hair. She has pink lips and wears a baby pink crop top and powder blue jeans. She just moved into East Gackle and gets romantically attracted to pranksters. She appeared in Romancing the Prank and was Danny's first crush.

Preschoolers Edit

A class of preschoolers, all Caucasian, and all potty-trained. All of them like crackers, art, and playing catch, however, all of them disliked Andy's art. Andy was sent to their class in The Show Must Go On. They are only learning to count. At first, they were a bit rude to Andy, saying he was "too big", "smelt funny", and "talked funny", and Andy didn't like them much either because he thought it was bad for his dignity playing catch with some little children who had "just recently learned they should go to the bathroom in a toilet instead of in their pants", however they all became friends after Andy stood up for them, included them in his prank, made them "actors", and taught them a few new words. This is them.

  • A girl with straight, brown hair with pink bows, a white shirt and socks, black Mary Janes, and a pink dress. She was seen in the background in Snow Job. She punched Andy once.
  • A girl with a purple dress and shoes, and a blonde ponytail.
  • A boy with short, red, curly hair, a green T-shirt, and beige pants. He said he had to pee during the song. He also appears in "Busting", trying to sing the alphabet but unable to remember what comes after "P". Later, he and another little boy shoot Andy with squirt guns. This other little boy is wearing an orange top, dark green shorts, and a backwards blue cap. A red-headed woman is next to him in the "P" scene, who was wearing a yellow shirt, grey jacket, and greyish-blue pants. It is unknown what relation she has to the boy.
  • A boy with a blonde afro, brown shorts, and an orange sweater. He also punched Andy once.

Rex Edit

Rex is a boy who used to bully the preschoolers daily in The Show Must Go On, but he gave up when threatened by Andy. He is a tubby boy with fair skin, green pants, and an orange sweater.

He bullied them by calling them "big babies" when they cried and knocking them over.

"Humpty and Dumpty" Edit

These are two men who were on the train in Emergency Spew Relish. Both are white with brown hair and brown belts. One is tall and thin, with neat hair, stubble, an orange shirt, a light green tie, a dark green suit, and brown and white shoes. He smokes. The other is tubby, average height, and clean shaven, with messy hair and wearing a dark grey suit, a pink shirt, and a pink tie with a picture of a tropical island at the bottom. The tall one shuffles cards for a living plays cards for a hobby and likes hamburgers. The fat one is a vegetarian and has a sweet tooth. They are shown to be two of the four passengers not to be easily grossed out.

"Grandma Moses" and Oliver Edit

They were on the train in Emergency Spew Relish. They are an elderly woman and her dog. "Grandma Moses" has grey hair in a bun, fair skin, a pink hair decoration, a white winter dress with pink faux-fur trim, pink glasses, and pink loop earrings. Oliver is a pink teacup poodle with the famous poodle hairstyle, who chews people's clothes when he likes them, but doesn't like most people and growls a lot. "Grandma Moses" is very affectionate and can call people she's just met "dear". She feels the need to "take care of" "sick" people, even if they are actually not sick and just have motion sickness. She is not easily grossed out and enjoys company. Andy and Danny, while dressed as old ladies, called themselves "three grannies", so it is possible that she has one or several grandchildren.

Engineer Edit

He is a tall, slim, ginger man in a blue uniform who drove the train in Emergency Spew Relish When Danny kicked him out, he went mad chasing the boys all over the train.

Hypochondriac Edit

He was another passenger on the train in Emergency Spew Relish. He has messy blond hair and was wearing a white shirt, brown shoes, and dark brown pants. He had a red nose and was sneezing, but was obviously not sick or else he wouldn't be worried about getting sick so maybe he had allergies. Andy scared him away by pretending to have the fictional disease "rhino-google-osis." He is shown to also not be easily grossed out as he didn't leave when Andy "stunk out" the train passengers.

Juice Salesman Edit

He supplied Andy, Lik, and Leech with the infamous grape juice in Busting. He is a wide, white man with white hair in a short ponytail and wearing a white apron, blue jeans, a baby blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, glasses and a fuchsia tie. He got angry at the boys for drinking all the juice and called them "selfish, inconsiderate boobs", asking them to go away.

Janitor #1 Edit

In Busting, he was cleaning and fixing the men's toilets (which he called "terlits"). He has long blond hair, a backwards blue cap, sneakers just like Andy's, and a green jumpsuit and was using a lot of slang like "buddy", "all the terlits are either dead or spewing up refuse", and "hoof it".

Water Couple Edit

They are a man and woman who appeared in Busting. The woman was wearing white flats, blue jeans, lipstick, a pink T-shirt, green glasses, and a blue headscarf and had blonde hair in a bob. The man was wearing blue sneakers, a brown belt, baby blue jeans, and a green shirt with the sleeves rolled up and had fair skin and long dark hair. The woman had no dialogue, but the man said, "I'm telling' ya, water just kept coming and coming, so much rushing water!". It is unknown what he was talking about, or whether the woman is his friend, girlfriend, partner, coworker, or family member.

Janitor #2. Edit

She also appeared in Busting.

She is a tall, thin, Caucasian woman with a dark ponytail, a purple apron, white shoes, a pink hair decoration, and a blue dress, and was cleaning the men's toilets, saying it would take about fifteen minutes. Andy said he couldn't wait that long or he'd explode, and she said in a deadpan voice "That wouldn't be good now, would it?". He agreed that it wouldn't be good and left.

The Dorseds Edit

Henry Dorsed is Al's colleague and his wife is named Rose. They were at the Larkin household for a formal dinner at the beginning of Weight to Go, Andy. Henry is short and chubby, with a green T-shirt with white trim, and a pocket on the right side, sea-green pants, brown shoes, and brown, curly hair that is mostly shaven with a tuft on top and hair on the sides. Rose has big, red hair and is slim with a green hair decoration ,a pink, short-sleeved blouse, a puce skirt, and black high heeled shoes. Both are white, though Henry has lighter skin. Henry finds the arguments youths have amusing, particularly between siblings. He also shares Al's sense of humour. Rose went to the same high school as Freida.

Beth Cumley Edit

Beth Cumley is unseen, but she attended the same high school as Freida and Rose. She has always been popular and is very outgoing. She moved out of East Gackle, and has recently moved back. Freda and Rose had been jealous of Beth, because the latter was popular with boys in her high school days. She has blonde hair (same as Freida). Beth was very slim as a teenager but has since gained weight, this has not affected her popularity and she is still seen as beautiful. She, Rose, and Freida went to a reunion in Weight to Go, Andy. Beth is also wealthy.

McKensie Edit

Another unseen character in Weight to Go, Andy. He is Al's overweight coworker. He and Al competed for a promotion.

Luella's Family Edit

They are a family that featured in Andy Pranky Pudding and Pie. Luella is Freida's friend and has a strange fascination with art relating to moose poop. She also doesn't like TV, and limits the amount her sons watch. Her husband, the boys' dad, doesn't like sports. Anthony and Bobby are their young children. Anthony is an A student and Bobby is helpful. Both boys are creative, well-read, and like surprise parties and they thought Jen was beautiful and nice and Bobby (who was known for being straightforward), even thought Jen was an angel. Bobby enjoys baking cookies, and likes green peppers, even going so far as to want green pepper cookies. They like dried fruit, but only eat a certain kind on holidays, and very rarely get to eat sweets. Bobby doesn't like chicken wings. The boys have brown hair and Bobby has blue shoes, orange dungarees, and a shirt just like Andy's. Anthony has green shoes, blue shorts, and a baby blue shirt and is a bit taller. Luella has platinum blonde hair, and a blue, long-sleeved dress. Her husband had neat brown hair, a white tie, and a dark green jumper. It is unknown what their surnames are, or what the daddy's name is. Luella shouts when her husband puts on her perfume, apparently.

Old Man Edit

He is an old man who appeared in Busting.

In appearance, he is a short, fair-skinned man with a blue sneaker on one foot and a cast on the other (though it might have been taken off now), blue jeans, a black belt, a yellow shirt, a black jacket, a walking stick, glasses, and a grey pork-pie hat.

He is shown to be quite grumpy as when Andy tripped him up by accident, he called him a "menacing son of a goat", and accused the boy of "following him and harassing him". He then left, threatening to "bust" Andy if he followed him again.

Firefighters Edit

They were a group of firefighters who appeared in Busting.

All had the same skin tone as Andy.

Two of them (a lady with a ginger ponytail, who was wearing grey shoes, and a man with a black afro who was wearing white shoes) were wearing greyish-blue jackets and pants, that had logos on them, two of them were men in yellow firefighters' uniforms, one with a brown mustache, and one of them was a man with a blue cap and messy brown hair, who was wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt, and an orange sleeveless jacket.

Andy was unconscious (it's unknown why) and they brought him to, and he said, "Did I go yet?". This confused them, and they explained that there was an emergency, to which Andy said "Tell me about it. I'm bustin', man!". They explained the mall was on fire, and while they were carrying him away, he tried to explain that he'd been looking for a bathroom. He then ran away and peed on the fire.

Mr and Mrs Mackney Edit

They are Lori's parents and appeared in Gooey Chewies. Mr Mackney has dark hair like Lori, but his hair is short and slicked back. He also wears jeans and a blue shirt. He is also a prankster, and his pranks include wrapping up Lori's sneakers and pretending the grape juice has run out. Mrs Mackney is a hard worker, but she is not seen, only heard. Andy, Danny, and Mr Mackney are friends, but the boys think the man's pranks are "amateur". Mr Mackney also likes marshmallows.

High Achieving Proper Pretty Youth Club (H.A.P.P.Y. club) Edit

They are a group of arrogant teenagers who wear white blouses and blue plaid pants or skirts. The president is a blonde girl named Sadie who has a pink hair band. Another notable member is a red-headed boy who Andy wanted to give a wedgie to. They were invited to Lori's birthday party as an April Fools joke in Gooey Chewies. They tend to use big words like "salutations" and "fascinating", and boast about their intelligence and maturity, when really boasting is not that smart or mature.