Andy challenges his sister Jen in an attempt to undermine her as the lead in a school production of a Shakespeare play. He then starts speaking in rhyme and Shakespearean dialect for a whole week. 

Recap Edit

It starts with Principal DeRosa saying that gym class is cancelled due to someone pranking the stadium with bubble bath, which Andy and Danny find hilarious. Principal DeRosa then says there is going to be a play of Shakespear's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Danny wants to be in the play, but Andy is only auditioning to impress Lori. He'd rather follow his own script. They arrive late for the auditions. They then go home and plan to replace the sports players' shorts with kilts. They are interrupted by Jen screaming-she is rehearsing a scene in the play as Titania the Fairy Queen and is taking her Shakesperian dialogue and movements very seriously. Andy thinks it's no big deal and they argue for a bit with Danny in the middle, ending in Andy saying that he will speak in rhyme for a whole week. If he succeeds to rhyme for a week, then in return Jen ceases to speak (also for a week). If Andy messes up a single rhyme, he'll shut up for one week's time, plus give Jen a shiny dime. Then, she accepts the challenge. She hires Danny to make sure Andy is rhyming. In history, the teacher asks when the revolutionary war ended. Andy replies "It happened in 1761 with troops led by General Washington." He then stands up and says "The colonists fought back and went on the attack." And, waving an American flag, says "Soon, the British could not retreat and so they suffered complete defeat." The teacher is glad Andy is showing an interest in history. In math, Andy says "There's only one thing I know for sure, the symbol for pi equals 3.14" In the next class, the teacher asks Andy to tell how many vegetables he has in Spanish. Andy replies "Si. Du cenes tres. Papa, letciuga, en masse." At lunch, Danny says Andy's getting popular. Andy says "Thank you, dear Danny. I admit it's uncanny, my rhyming's getting lots of attention. Even teachers who hate me now tolerate me and I've even stopped getting detention!". Then, Jen and Teri arrive at Andy's table. Jen asks how the rhyming is going. He replies "Splendid, Jen. I have quite a yen for wrapping my tongue around phrases. Or haven't you heard, why, Andy's the world. Everyone's saying my praises!" which gets a lot of applause from the other students. Danny says there is nothing Andy cannot rhyme. Jen asks Andy what rhymes with "raisin." He replies "I'm the master of phrasin'." Teri asks for a rhyme for "month". Andy folds a paper bag into a cone shape, puts it on her head, and says "Ah, yeth, with a lithp, I shall crown you a dunthe." Everyone claps. Jen and Teri, who are grumpy, leave, with Teri taking the "dunce bag" off. Andy looks proud. He then becomes sad: "The whole world's impressed, though [he's] filled with distress. The one [he cares most] about (Lori) couldn't care less." Danny says that Lori is probably busy with rehearsing for the play. Andy wants to talk to Lori. He says "Hi there, Lori. How's your day? I hear you're acting in the play." Lori says she's playing Hermia and then Jervis Coltrane says he's playing her love interest Xander. Andy, surprised says "Jervis Coltrane! You?! Do you like Soul Train, too?". This confuses Jervis and Lori. Danny congratulates Jervis and Lori. Danny has his hand over Andy's mouth to avoid him offending them. Jervis blows a raspberry at Andy and Danny and he and Lori leave to rehearse. Danny wonders if Andy is unhappy about Jervis and Lori. Andy replies "Yes, it's true, my hip sidekick. I fear he's hitting on my chick!". Danny replies that they are just acting, not dating, and Jervis is just a little twerp. Andy replies that it matters not what height is yet, love always blossoms on the set." Danny, who hadn't meant "little" literally, wonders what height has to do with it. They walk off. Jen is rehearsing, with Lik and Leech laughing at her while painting the set. She goes well, until she refuses to hug a donkey. Then, Jen suggests they rehearse the scene with Craig, who is playing Oberon the Fairy King. He doesn't like his role. His scene is imminent, but next is Hermia and Xander's scene. Andy and Danny are climbing on the set. Andy spots Jervis and says "There he is: that scoundrel Jervis, trying to give my girl lip service." Jervis and Lori are rehearsing. Leech is uninterested, but Lik is amused by Jervis's dialogue about "two bosoms". Jen unties a rope, making Andy fall down in between Jervis and Lori. The teacher asks what's going on. Jen says he was a spy and the teacher is about to take Andy to detention. Jen says "Let's see you rhyme your way outta this." which he then tries to do. "I'm not a spy, I must protest." he says, "I'm here because I was distressed." The teacher thinks Andy is mocking him. Andy says "Of course not, sir, I'd never mock. To do so would be poppycock." The teacher, angry, asks "What was that?" Andy replies "What was what?, I must reply. Could we discuss it over pie?". The teacher is impressed by Andy's rhyming. Jen just calls it a stupid game. Andy says, cheekily, "Oh, this is just my way of speaking, it's better than Jen's common shrieking!". The teacher wishes Andy could be in the show, and makes him an understudy. Andy says "Yes, sir. It's a thing of beauty and I humbly accept this duty!". Lik, but not Leech, is amused by the teacher saying "Has anyone seen my bottom?" Danny wonders if Andy is going to find acting hard. Andy replies "Acting's a snap, I'm not really nervous. My real goal for this play is to replace Jervis." At the next rehearsal, Jen has a hard time being insincere to her crush. A little girl in a fairy suit is asked to do push-ups. The teacher says anyone late will be fired as the girl falls over. Andy decides that to seal Jervis's fate, they will have to make him late. Andy and Danny lean on Jervis's door but he finds another one. The boys then try a dollar on a fishing rod, but Jervis is already rich so he's not interested. Andy and Danny then tie Jervis up. However, he escapes. Jen, in costume, says she'll need quiet time. Danny says she will get plenty of that. "And when, you lose, my sister freak." says Andy. "You cannot talk for one whole week." He then wonders what the crowd will say when Jen cannot speak in the play. Jen, to trip Andy up, pretends not to remember what kind of juice to buy, making Andy say "Orange". Andy, however, hasn't given up yet, and is in deep silent thought thinking up rhymes for "orange". Jervis is being outed because he is allergic to the polyester in his costume, with his symptoms being a sore throat and a rash. Andy has to take Jervis's place but the teacher interprets his silence as being nervous and recruits Danny. However, Andy then thinks of "Door hinge" and wins the bet after all. He then has to take Jen's place as the teachers think she's sick when she can't talk!

Trivia Edit

  • Pi is a real number. Its full equation is infinite, but it is approximately 3.14
  • Jen calls Andy "Dork-o Suess." This is a reference to the author Dr. Seuss who wrote rhyming children's books.
  • It is unknown if Freida really requested juice or if that was just part of Jen's trick.
  • Andy's rhyme scheme seems to be either rhyming the last word of his first line with the last word of his second line (You doubt me, freak, well you will see/I'll pull this task off easily). Or an A, A, B, C, C, B pattern (Thank you, dear Danny/I admit it's uncanny/My rhyming brings loads of attention/Even teachers who hate me/now tolerate me/and I've even stopped getting detention. Half rhymes are allowed (e.g. rhyming "orange" and "door hinge"), but he can't make up words. He can also rhyme other people's sentences, as shown when he answered rhyme-related questions for Jen and Teri.

Quotes Edit

This episode has plenty of memorable quotes.

  • "Attention, students. Principal DeRosa here. We'll be cancelling some gym classes today as somebody filled the school pool with bubble bath last night! I have no idea who could have pulled such a prank, but you can rest assured I'm gonna find you and eat your head for lunch!"-Principal DeRosa, episode's first line.
  • "For a clean freak, DeRosa sure doesn't like bubble bath"-Danny
  • "The school play? Acting!? Oh, come on, Danny. That's for lemmings!"-Andy
  • "And that's when you cause a distraction. Then I'll sneak into the locker room and swiftly replace the football team's pants with kilts exactly three minutes before game time"-Andy
  • "You OK, freak?"-Andy
  • "Well, you already are a drama queen, so I guess it's tight casting."-Andy
  • "Why do you need to prepare. Acting's easy. It's just about knowing your lines and not bumping into the furniture! (bumps into table) Check please" "You can't even get that right. Besides, Shakespear is harder than just about anything."-Andy and Jen
  • "Poetry-schmoetry. Shakespear's a hack. I could speak like that with my tongue tied behind my back. OK, maybe not, but I can do that Shakespear thing a lot better than you!"-Andy
  • "You doubt me, freak, well you will see. I'll pull this task off easily." "Go, Andy! Go, Andy!" "I shall rhyme all day and night at school, at home, with all my might! I'll rhyme all week and still make sense your shame shall be my... recumpence." "Recumpence? It's not fair if you just make up words." "Actually, Jen, it means payment." "Right. I knew that. I was just testing" "If I succeed in this great task, there's only one thing that I ask. That should I rhyme for one full week then in return you'll cease to speak." "She'll cease to speak?" "For one whole week?" "For one whole week you'll cease to speak." "What happens if you mess up and don't rhyme?" "If I mess up one single rhyme then I'll shut up for one week's time, plus give you a shiny dime!" "Sounds good to me, Dork-o-Seuss. You're on" "At eight o'clock, exactly one week from tonight, the challenge ends, then we'll all be happy, smiling friends. Sorry. It rhymed. I'll shut up." "OK, so the deal is you have to speak in rhyme all the time. That means everywhere. Danny will verify that you're not cheating when I'm not around." "So, what's in it for Danny?" "This will be fun. The game's begun and I won't quit until I've won." "Best of luck, you stupid duck."-Andy, Danny, and Jen.
  • "It happened in 1761 with troops led by General Washington. The colonists fought back and went on the attack. Soon the British could not retreat and so they suffered complete defeat"-Andy
  • "There's only one thing that I know for sure. The symbol for pi equals 3.14."-Andy
  • "Thank you, dear Danny, I admit it's uncanny. This rhyming brings lots of attention. Even teachers who hate me now tolerate me, and I've even stopped getting detention!"-Andy
  • "So how's your little rhymey game going, bro?" "Splendid, Jen, I have quite a yen for wrapping my tongue around phrases, or haven't you heard, why Andy's the word! The whole school is saying my praises!" "There's nothing he can't rhyme, Jen." "What rhymes with raisin?" "I'm the master of phrasin'" "How about month? Nothing rhymes with month." "Ah, yeth, with a lithp, I shall crown you a dunthe."-Jen, Andy, Danny, and Teri.
  • "The whole world's impressed, though I'm filled with distress, the one I care most about couldn't care less"-Andy
  • "Hi there, Lori. How's your day? I hear you're acting in the play."-Andy
  • "Tell me if I'm going out on a limb, but I'm guessing you're not too psyched about Jervis and Lori." "Yes, it's true, my hip sidekick, I fear he's hitting on my chick!" "They're just acting together. It's not like they're going out or anything. Besides, Jervis is just a little twerp!" "It matters not what height is yet. Love always blossoms on the set." "What's height got to do with it?"-Danny and Andy
  • "There he is, that scoundrel, Jervis, trying to give my girl lip service."-Andy
  • "This is a donkey. The beautiful princess would never hug a donkey!"-Jen
  • "Two bosoms interchained with an oath, so then two bosoms and a single train."-Jervis, acting.
  • "I have a venturous fairy that shall seek the squirrel's hoard and fetch thee new nuts." "Did you hear what she said?" "Yeah, nuts. Like you!"-Jen, Lik and Leech.
  • "Has anyone seen my bottom?"-Mr. Clopper.
  • "I'm not a spy. I must protest. I'm here because I was distressed!" "Are you mocking me?" "No, dear sir, I never mock. To do so would be poppycock." "What was that?" "What was what, I must reply. Could we discuss it over pie?" "Why, it's astounding!" "It is, says you? What did I do?" "You're a natural, kid! You speak the speech trippingly on the tongue!" "No he doesn't. He's just playing a stupid game!" "Oh, this is just my way of speaking. It's better than Jen's common shrieking!" "I sure wish I could offer you a part in the show. Unfortunately, we're all cast. But we could use an understudy." "Why, sir, it is a thing of beauty. And I humbly accept this duty!"-Andy, Mr. Clopper, and Jen.
  • "And when I lose, my sister freak, you cannot talk for a whole week. I wonder what the crowd will say when you cannot speak in the play!"-Andy
  • "And to seal Jervis's fate we simply have to make him late."-Andy