Road Trip is an episode of What's With Andy

Recap Edit

It starts at a theme park, with Andy plummeting down, tied to a string, with no pants on and holding a pizza box. He freezes time and narrates that it is strange how a simple thing like going to a carnival can turn complicated. He then continues falling.

In the car, Al is driving, Freida is reading a map, Andy is looking bored, and Jen is painting her nails. A bee flies past Al's head and into the backseat. It hovers above Jen's face, causing Jen to tell Andy rudely to "Quit staring at me, loser." Andy points out the bee in the car, hamming it up by yelling, saying there's more than one and saying they are killer bees. This shocks his family and he swats at the bee. All four Larkins freak out, causing Jen in her swatting to get pink nail polish on Al's hair. Freida tries to swat it with her map but misses. Andy tries to swat it with his magazine but hits Jen. Freida then uses her map to trap it and let it out but it flies back in again, causing the Larkins to freak out again.

Eventually, the bee is caught in a glass, and Al calls it one fine specimen of a bee. Andy agrees, but Jen has fallen asleep. He pokes her but she doesn't wake up. He then starts rapping about Jen having a brain the size of an amoeba. Jen wakes up and calls him an annoying twerp. Andy continues his rap, moving onto a verse about Jen being annoyed. Jen, Al, and even Freida yell at him to be quiet. Andy just mimics them in his rap. Al's had enough, but Andy replies (in rap) "How come you wanna stifle my creativity?", while dancing and beat boxing. Al then threatens to stop the car if Andy continues to rap. However, Andy continues rapping and starts a verse about stopping the car. This annoys everyone, even Freida, and Al stops the car, knocking over the bee's glass and causing the bee to fly out. This causes a third Larkin family freak-out. Andy raps "The killer bee's free, now the family is mad at me and they're looking at me!". The bee is let out.

Andy and Al stand outside the car. Jen thinks maybe they should leave Andy on the side of the road. Al says that Andy needs to take a "breather" and when he's ready to "behave", he can come back to the car, then threatens to make him miss out if he can't be "civilized". Andy promises to be good, then sees a dead worm.

In the car, Jen apologizes and gives her the worm as a gag gift, leading him to be sent home. Andy is determined not to miss the carnival, and invites Danny over to help him think of a plan. Andy thinks of something and ends up phoning up Mush the pizza delivery man. The boys jump into the car and pretend there is a delivery to the Larkin family car. The car needs to be pushed, so Andy and Danny push it, then it starts. However, it stops again along the way, so they continue on foot. They climb a hill to visit Mush's friend who sells eighteen-wheelers. The friend points to a wagon, as it's the only thing there that costs ten dollars and a melted chocolate bar.

The trio ride the wagon downhill, near a yard full of dogs. Andy lets the dogs out and uses them to pull the wagon, however they take off without the humans. The humans catch them up at a garage, where the dogs are eating. Two men tell the trio to get away from the dogs, claiming ownership of them. Andy notes they found them in somebody's yard. The men then talk tough to Mush and the boys. Apparently the dogs had run away.

At the carnival, Andy says the men, who were stunt men, gave them a lift. Andy got asked for help in their show, which involved getting in a ball, while they ride motorbikes around them. Danny and Mush eat cotton candy while Andy tries to dislodge the ball. He succeeds, and rolls along. Mush and Danny chase after Andy, who is enjoying himself, and has to deliver the pizza. The ball crashes and he is sent flying forward, and the pizza is intact but the ball breaks. He grabs hold of a disgruntled bungee jumper, and then lets go, losing his pants on the way. Jen and the parents are having their photo taken in old-timey clothes. Andy falls through the roof of the photo booth and delivers the pizza. He is in the photo, too.