Scary Teri is an episode of What's With Andy.

Recap Edit

It begins with Andy running along the street at night, in fishing garb, with a fishing rod coming towards him about every three seconds. He jokes that he knows it looks "fishy". He then nearly gets caught by the rod, and runs past a dog, which barks and then gets caught. Andy says he only has one thing to say: girls are scary. He then gets caught with the fishing rod.

Andy arrives home with a jacket saying he enjoys "relaxing at home after a hard day's pranking" which is a bit odd as he usually finds pranking easy and enjoyable. Freida Larkin kisses him on the cheek, tells him there is some of his favorite chocolate peanut butter cake in the kitchen, and leaves. Andy, taking his jacket off on the floor, seems to be satisfied with a prank he did. He goes into the kitchen, happy for cake, but then notices it is gone. It turns out Jen and Teri had eaten it. They comment on how rare and delicious it is. Andy then growls in a similar way to Jen's growl, and says "I see it was feeding time at the 'zoo', but you could have left me a piece." Jen angrily tells him to grow up, and calls him an infant. She then explains that guests go first and Teri is a guest. Andy cheekily says Teri is not a guest. Jen growls, then Teri whispers in her ear and points at Andy. Andy wonders what she said, but both girls just leave, laughing.

Andy then invites Danny over to watch a show called Hooligan Surprise Party. Danny is wearing a black jacket. Andy starts to talk about how the helium balloons are affecting Hooligan's speech. They are then shocked to find the girls sitting on the couch, watching a fashion show. Andy tells them to get lost as they (the boys) are watching TV. Jen calls the boys stupid as she and Teri are the ones watching. Teri says that boys' show will be on after their show. Danny then corrects the girls as they got the show's name wrong. The girls then laugh. Andy tells Danny not to waste his breath. The girls then high-five. Andy then goes to the bathroom to read a book of ghost stories called Horror Nightmare Surprise. However, he runs into the girls again. This time they are doing their laundry. Jen asks him to knock, saying that people knock when they think. Andy growls and leaves, slamming the door. The girls then high-five and giggle again. Andy, fed up, asks his parents to do something about Jen and Teri "taking over the whole house" as his legal guardians. Freida seems more interested in Al polishing a spoon, and the sewing machine's pedal needing replacing. Andy tells Al that Teri has been visiting every day and eating all the food. Freida says that Jen is allowed to invite friends over, and that the girls are working on their costumes for a ball. She then gives him a cup to polish. The sewing machine then acts up. Freida asks Andy if he should be working on his costume, and Teri, who had come down with Jen, says he's already wearing it. Jen tails on the joke, saying it's an idiot costume. Teri jokes he will win first prize, then both girls laugh. Al borrows the word "zing", which Teri had been saying every time the girls high fived. Andy is surprised that his father is joining in annoying him, and Al tells Andy to lighten up, but Andy says there is one too many "pests" on this "gravy boat" and Andy the "exterminator" will get rid of one. The girls continue making idiot jokes.

The next day, a stormy day, the girls are working on their costumes. Andy says that Pranking Law No.14 is that girls can sometimes be very skittish. (of course boys can too). The girls then freak out at a liver in the sewing kit. Jen then threatens to put Andy's liver in the sewing kit.

Teri, wearing a pink robe, gets in the shower. Andy, in a ghostly voice, tells Teri to get out. Teri notes that she is in the Larkin house. Andy says he will eat her soul with a small glass of orange juice on the side. Teri then notices a device which was playing a recording of Andy's voice, and flushes it down the toilet. She shouts that she will flush Andy next time, but Andy just chuckles, because he is having a daydream of Teri trying unsuccessfully to flush him. The Larkins and Teri are at the table, with Jen and Teri arguing about costumes. Andy shoots peas at the girls, and Jen tells him to stop, calling him "pea brain". She says the adults are talking. Teri asks Jen if she's sure. Freida then says the girls could go as twins. Andy then burps and is rude about it. The girls then go upstairs to work on their costumes, and Andy says he needs to get them out the door. However, the parents are angry at him. Al then jokes that it would be impressive if Andy had belched the alphabet backwards. Andy then tries to burp the National Anthem. Freida's had enough, and then realizes she forgot to replace the sewing machine's pedal. She then tells Andy to tell the girls to be careful with the machine. Andy then asks how careful, but Freida doesn't specify. Upstairs, the girls are arguing again. Andy is entertained by it. Teri then says "I hope something terrible happens to your costume". The machine then breaks Jen's costume, and Andy blames it on Teri, who tells him not to be ridiculous. Andy tries to be mysterious by saying "I guess I am being ridiculous...or am I?". Jen is a bit scared, but says he is, calling him a dork. The girls then go downstairs to watch a movie. Andy then plans to move Teri out of his hair by pretending she has telekinesis.

The next day, on their way to school, in rain coats as it is raining, Andy explains the telekinesis prank to Danny, who doesn't know what telekinesis is. Andy explains it means mind control. Danny is not too sure about this prank, and Andy says that it will be a success. Danny is starting to get curious, and eager. He asks what they do first. Andy says that they need to get a copy of Teri's schedule and track it, then get fishing wire and free time. Danny says they can get their fishing wire from the hardware store and already have free time.

Andy is lurking in the foyer and puts fishing wire by the door. Jen and Craig then go to class. Andy then jokes to Danny about Teri being "moving". Craig begins to recite a poem he wrote. It is something of a cross between hip talk and Shakespeare. Mr. Hutchins doesn't like it very much. He asks the class if they have any comments. Teri sort of liked it, and Jen really liked it. The girls then compliment Craig's poem. Andy and Danny spy on the class. Andy then uses the wire to knock over the desk, just as Teri is saying that Jen "won" something. The class, even the teacher, gasps. Danny then compliments Andy, who makes a mind over matter joke. However Andy had said "As I always say", which confuses Danny as Andy hardly ever says that. Andy imagines himself and Danny as magicians. Craig is saying to Martin that Teri made the desk move. Martin thinks it's impossible as she didn't touch it as moving things with one's mind is unlikely. Lik and Leech then follow Martin and Craig, intimidated by Teri. Then, Jen and Teri leave the class. Jen says that Teri can't do anything with her mind, which offends Teri. Jen apologizes. In the cafeteria, Jen is saying that she didn't touch the desk. Principal DeRosa walks up and greets them, getting Teri's name wrong, calling her Peri, then Keri. When he leaves, Teri continues to argue about the desk. Andy and Danny get in line. Andy has fishing wire tied to his finger and notes that despite not knowing much about girls, he does know that Jen and Teri like chocolate (and Andy has a sweet tooth, too). He notes he has a craving for chocolate, causing Jen and Teri to argue over the chocolate pudding that's on the table. The other students then walk up, gasping. The chocolate then gets on Jen's shirt. Jen blames Teri, who doesn't know how she could be responsible. Leech then calls Teri creepy. Teri starts to cry. Jen stands up to Leech, and Teri apologizes. Jen jokes that she "got the pudding". Andy and Danny then want to break up Jen and Teri's friendship by making Jen angry. Danny wonders if caramel pudding will do that. The girls then leave. The boys look at each other.

At P.E., the girls are doing kicks. The boys, from under the table, call Teri "scary". Jen then leads the moves, and the boys continue with the teasing. Teri is too distracted by the boys' teasing and wonders who is saying it. They continue dancing. Jen says that Teri's dancing "will have to do", which angers Teri, leading to another argument. The boys, from their hiding spot, then throw pom poms at Jen and Teri. This scares the other cheerleading girls. Jen then fires Teri, who sulks. Andy is satisfied, but Teri continues sulking, and thinks Jen is responsible for her anger. Danny says never to get between a girl and her pom poms. Andy then makes another joke based on the word "moving".

Andy and Danny then plan to meet Teri in the library. They pass all the other boys except Jervis whispering to each other. Andy jokes about Teri using telekinesis to cheat at sports. Lik wonders if Teri can move toast into the toaster and Craig wonders if she could help him in sports. He then says that he will go to the library and ask her to Fright Night. The boys then go into the library. Teri reads a weird book that says worry can cause telekinesis. She then attempts to move the book with her mind. The three boys then enter the library, followed by Lik and Leech, who also want to ask Teri to the dance. Jen then accuses Teri to herself of stealing her sometimes-boyfriend. Teri then attempts to use telekinesis on the chair. Danny asks Andy to make something fall. Craig then arrives, asking her out to the ball. Jen then invites Craig to talk, Andy then uses the string to make books fall on Jen. Teri accepts responsibility and says yes to Craig's invitation. She then struts out. Jen gets angry and says she thought he was taking her to the dance. Craig says he changed his mind and not to make Teri angry, or someone will get hurt. Danny says his mission is done: he got everyone to believe Teri is telekinetic, and broke up her and Jen. However Andy wants to continue the prank at a school dance.

At the dance, Mr. Hutchins likes Teri's fairy costume, but thinks it isn't scary enough for Fright Night. Teri says she is an evil fairy. Craig, dressed as a zombie, accidentally offends her. Then Jen, in her twin fairy costume, arrives with a girl dressed up as Cat Woman and abother girl dressed as a nurse. Jen and Teri just glare at each other. Jervis is dressed as a goblin, and Martin as a whale. Jen thinks Teri is very "evil". Then, Andy and Danny, dressed as an angler and a painter, arrive. Mr. Hutchins doesn't think their costumes are very frightening, so Andy says he is the "fisherman of death". Danny says he is just a bad house painter, which Mr. Hutchins doesn't think is frightening. The students then dance. Jen does her growl and Teri looks smug. Craig annoys Teri unintentionally by asking about moving (sports) balls telekinetically. He then invites her to work for him, helping him score, and to date. Teri then insults his intelligence because of the cheating. She then does a scarier version of Jen's growl. Craig ducks. Principal DeRosa then announces the awards for Best Male and Female costumes Best Male went to Craig "the Neanderthal." Danny had written lots of votes for Jen and Teri, but his wrist got limp. The prize for Best Female costume was a tie between Jen and Teri the Evil Fairies. The girls then fight over the trophy and Craig at the same time, confused, and so is Craig. Danny signals to Andy to fish a bucket, but gets a bowl of punch as well. The punch and the bucket (of red paint) both fall on Craig. He thinks it's not cool. Martin thinks Teri did it but Jen sees the fishing line. The evil fairy girls follow it to Andy and Danny. Jen offends Teri again with the same not-doing-anything-with-her-mind line. Craig hates fruit punch, Jen and Teri are angry for the obvious, and the three chase the two pranksters down the street. That's where the audience came in. Andy wants to go as an athlete so he can go faster (and Danny notes the outfit he's in now is dirty).