Snow Job is an episode of What's With Andy

Recap Edit

It begins in the snow with Leech, a dog, a small boy, a girl (who looks like the one from The Show Must Go On and could be the same girl), a woman, and three men. Leech is commenting on the snow tasting weird and throwing it at the little boy. He thinks it tastes like bad potatoes or stale rice and spits it out.

Then, Andy comes out in his winter clothes and says friends come in all shapes, sizes and "temperatures". He says his idea was "mostly" a good one. He then gets hit with a snowball.

It was the end of the school day. Just like any other except that day was the Thursday before exams. Andy was pretending to have a seizure. He then, with Danny, tried to make a petition to make Thursday the last day of the week. Nobody wanted to and so Danny told him to leave them be. Then Principal DeRosa showed up. He hoped they were ready for the exams and Andy replied that only unprepared students were scared of exams, so DeRosa left. Danny asked Andy if he's scared and Andy replied that he'd been wearing a diaper all week (probably joking, as he seemed healthy and dignified enough). Andy then added that he wanted to get Friday off. Danny said what made a three-day-weekend: legal holidays. This inspired Andy and he went to the mall. He bought a lot of cereal and potatoes. Mush was there and asked them why. Andy explained his plan: to make snow out of it and make a "winter wonderland" out of Principal DeRosa's house. Mush said a blizzard would be really cool. The three then bought the food.

Danny and Andy then gathered shavings from the ice rink, and wheeled it down the street in wheel barrows. The police asked them what it was. Andy replied "ice". The police muttered to each other. Andy replied "melting ice, sir." The police concluded it must be ice because ice melts and let the boys go. The boys shrugged and moved on.

At Andy's house, the whole house had ice in it and the boys had switched to winter clothes. When Freida, Al, and Jen arrived home (in summer clothes), they were very surprised and cold and sat on the couch doing nothing but shiver, still wearing summer clothes. Andy explained that he was doing a "science experiment" to see what the Arctic was like. Al said it did sound educational. Jen, however, didn't believe him. Freida told Andy to clean up when he was done. Jen wanted Andy to turn on the heat, and wishes for a "normal" family. Spank slides on a melted puddle. Mush arrives with a pizza. He describes the house as "cool". Andy said they had everything except a snow maker, which Mush said he could make. He made one out of a motor and a grater, and it took until dark.

Andy, in a ninja suit, helped Danny reset the TV and Andy appeared on Principal DeRosa's TV, masquerading as a weather boy, predicting a freak snowstorm overnight, and "If you're the principal of the school, you'll probably have to cancel school tomorrow, cause a snowstorm is a valid reason for cancelling school." DeRosa didn't know what the "weatherman" was talking about as it was eighty degrees and there were no clouds. Danny then replaced the thermometer to one with a low temperature. The boys then camped overnight and rode a wagon to the snow machine. Mush's thermo-boxes had kept the ice cold, and Danny asked what Andy thought was "philosophical": How does it "know" to keep the ice cold instead of hot?. The boys then started the machine. It eventually made a substantial blizzard. Principal DeRosa let his dog out and Danny pointed out the fake snow by asking him if he can shovel his walk. Danny fake-wondered how he will get to school, so Principal DeRosa cancelled snow. That's where the audience left off. Principal DeRosa and the police then find them out, leading to Andy losing his clothes, and getting caught.

The boys then clean up the fake snow, which Andy likes as he is skipping school.