The Show Must Go On is an episode of What's With Andy

Recap Edit

It begins on the stage, with a whole lot of preschoolers holding up Andy and chanting his name. Andy says that it is weird how things worked out.

Principal DeRosa had announced that Superintendent Pratt was coming for the Annual School Fundraising and Nitpicking Ceremony and nothing must go wrong. Andy and Danny had had mischief on their minds, but hadn't known how to do a prank. Andy's plan had been to get expelled, get supplies, come back and start pranking. Danny had said that Andy could just get kicked out of school by being annoying, making Andy imagine winning the prize for Most Annoying Kid on the Planet. Danny had sneaked around in the hallway and told Andy that Mr. Hopkins was approaching. Mr. Hopkins was promising himself not to let Andy get him down over and over. He had arrived to see Andy drawing on the blackboard (a picture of Mr. Hopkins on the toilet). He had then resigned and said "I guess you'll have to send me home!". He had then winked at Danny, who'd given him the thumbs up. Mr. Hopkins had then prepared to yell at Andy, but changed his mind and called him a fine artist. This had surprised the students. Mr. Hopkins had then suggested Andy exaggerate and given the drawing a silly clown face. Andy had decided to turn it into a battle and let out a live snake which had gone into Mr. Hopkins's clothes, however Mr. Hopkins had learned to like the snake. Andy had then taken a pill which he said made at least one person faint or vomit and then pretended to argue with Danny over the best ice cream. Andy and had then pretended to fight. He'd then bitten down on the pill which squirted fake blood. It had made one student gag (but not quite vomit) and another student lose his footing (but not quite faint), however Andy had been satisfied at the results. He had then fallen on the table and apologized. Mr. Hopkins had used it as an opportunity for learning about falling objects. Andy had then actually pleaded to be sent home for breaking three rules: making fun of the teacher, bringing an animal to school, and starting a "fight". At that moment, Principal DeRosa had walked in and announced that he was sending Andy to kindergarten, which Mr. Hopkins hadn't liked. Jen, Teri and another girl had practiced their cheerleading on Andy's way to kindergarten. The principal had asked Andy why he couldn't be more like Jen, to which Andy had joked "It's a very expensive operation", which the principal hadn't liked. The girls had said (in Valley Speak) that Andy was a loser. At kindergarten, the principal had dropped off Andy at a class taught by Mrs. Pringle. Mrs. Pringle had then introduced Andy. The children had said hello in a bored sort of way. Mrs. Pringle had then made Andy sit on the floor for Story Tome and started a story about a cat named Itty-Bitty Pretty Kitty. Andy had found that story too saccharine. Mrs. Pringle had then given the book for Andy to read. Becuase he'd been bored, his reading had been in a monotone, which a dark-haired girl in a pink dress had said was not the proper voice, and a red-haired boy in a green T-shirt had failed to understand. At that moment, a fair, curly-haired boy in an orange sweater had said that Andy smelled. Those three children had then teased Andy for being "too big". The ginger, green T-shirted boy had then said he'd wet his pants (he hadn't.). Mrs. Pringle had interrupted and said the children had made Andy sad. She'd then set up Art Time, but the children hadn't liked Andy's Piccaso-like painting. Afterwards, they had played, but Andy had accidentally knocked over a block tower belonging to the curly-haired, orange-sweatered boy and a girl with dark hair, an orange blouse, green pants and an orange hair decoration. They had then kicked him. At leapfrog, Andy had accidentally sat on a redhead boy in a yellow shirt. In the corridor, Andy had then played catch with the brown-hair-pink-dress girl and the curly-hair-orange-sweater boy. He had thought it was undignified playing catch with people who had only recently learned to use the bathroom. He had then looked out of the window to see Jen setting up a red carpet. They had then eatedn lunch, with Andy sad. A bully named Rex had then given the ginger, green T-shirted boy a wedgie, slid them down the lunch plank, and tease them in baby talk, making them cry. The girl in the orange and green outfit had then explained that Rex did that every day. Andy had then stood up and intimidated Rex, leading to the preschoolers hailing him as a hero. They had then picked him up and started chanting his name. Then, they'd had Nap Time. Andy'd had an idea. He had taught them the word "thespians". Jen had entered to check on Andy and try to stop him, but Andy had the kiddies, who had intimidated her with a collective evil stare, to back him up. Andy had then told them to seize/get Jen and they'd chased her and dragged her away. An old lady had then observed it as her playing with them. The brown-hair-pink-dress girl and the red-hair-green-T-shirt boy had then tied Jen up with toilet paper and were guards. Andy had then alerted Danny, who had pretended to point out Hailey's Comet. He'd then gone to meet up with Andy in the kindergarten class. Andy had then given Danny a list of supplies: a 1,500 watt amplifier, eight pairs of tap shoes size four, a case of baby powder, a hundred pounds of clay, a riding crop, a pair of stilts, a gallon of paint, a megaphone, two trash cans and a very large jar of petroleum jelly. Danny had considered the list easy, and gone out to buy supplies, and Andy had announced an adventure for the kiddies. They had gone towards the auditorium. There had been singers. Andy had pretended the singers could go to Washington by selling chocolate bars. They had fallen for it. The principal had then practiced greetings while Andy, Danny and the kiddies had gotten ready. However, in the bathroom, the brown-hair-pink-dress girl and the red-hair-green-T-shirt boy had fallen asleep and Jen had escaped. Superintendent Pratt had then arrived. Andy had announced show time. Jen and the kids had run out of the bathroom. The principal had then opened the curtain. Andy in a suit had gone onto stage and introduced himself. He had then said that the school was perfect. He had then revealed the preschoolers behind a white curtain. They had sung "We are perfect little students in a perfect little school. We do everything we're told and we never break a rule. And everything is perfect, just as perfect as can be. If you don't believe us you can take a look and see." Danny had then raised the curtain and the curly-haired-orange-sweater boy had sung "Reading, writing, 'rithmetic. Every day it makes us sick. We're trapped in school and can't get out." All the kids had then shouted "Hear our pleas! Hear us shout!." Andy, dressed as Mr. Hopkins, had then arrived and (banging on some makeshift instruments) said "Good morning students. Your teacher is here. Don't be frightened, there's nothing to fear. Ready to learn? Quiet please! Now it's time for your ABCs." The students had then gotten up, danced, and sung a modified alphabet. It went like this:

Brown-hair-pink-dress girl: A,B, and C. Makes me happy.

Red-hair-green-T-shirt boy: D,E and G. We're so gloomy.

Curly-fair-hair-orange-sweater boy and purple-outfit-brown-pigtail girl: H,I and J. Things never go our way.

Brown-hair-pink-dress girl: K,L, and M. I agree with them.

Red-hair-green-T-shirt boy: N,O, and P. I have to pee.

Red-hair-green-T-shirt-boy, curly-fair-hair-orange-sweater boy and purple-outfit-brown-pigtail girl: Q,R, and S. We're in distress.

Red-hair-green-T-shirt-boy: T,U, and V. I still have to pee!

Brown-hair-pink-dress girl, red-hair-green-T-shirt boy, curly-fair-hair-orange-sweater boy and purple-outfit-brown-pigtail girl: W,X,Y,Z. Please set us free!

Andy had then said "Wait a minute. You forgot the letters Y and F. Why? Cuz you all get an F! So, Mr. Smarty Pants, think you're invincible? I'm gonna have to send you to the principal!" The brown-hair-pink-dress girl had then said "No, no! Anything but that! I hear he eats children and that's why he's fat!". Jen had then tried to get up and stop it but gotten tied up and lifted into the air by Danny. Andy had then unveiled a giant sculpture of the principal's head. Inside, Danny had said "I am the principal and I must eat! Come to me and be my treat!" and all the kids had jumped into the giant head, which had then burped and said "I hope you liked our little show and I hope you learned what we all know. Study hard your ABCs or else you'll all be eaten by me!". Everyone had liked the show and clapped when then took their bows. Andy and Danny had then high-fived each other. However Principal DeRosa had said it was Andy's last prank, but Superintendent Pratt had actually enjoyed Andy's prank, and thought it was smart, original and arty. Superintendent had made Andy Student of the Year. And that's what had led Andy to be on stage, being held up by preschoolers who were chanting his name.