The Toilet Paper Fiasco is an episode of What's With Andy

Recap Edit

It begins with East Gackle covered in toilet paper and Andrew "Andy" Larkin trying to climb out of a rubbish bin. Andy says to the viewer that it was a big prank with big consequences. In the car, Freida Larkin counts to ten, then tells Andy off. Alfred "Al" Larkin tells Andy off for sticking a fish stick on the cafeteria wall, and Freida says Andy's pranking has gone too far and has lately been out of control. Al says "it's time". Andy thinks he means going to join the Boy Scouts, and says he is too sensitive for the outdoor activities. Freida says she is not sending Andy to the Boys Scouts, and Al says Andy is going to get a summer job. This shocks Andy. Andy is then lying on the couch, with Jen saying his days of being a "freeloading parasite" are gone. Andy doesn't want a job, and Jen cheers him uo by saying a job isn't bad and he will make money. Andy imagines himself being rich and dating Lauren "Lori" Mackney. He suddenly thinks a job is good. Jen says he is a doofus with no skills or experience, but Andy, calling her Spider Legs, says he is a young go-getter. He tries for a job in a hardware store but applies the compound wrong, leading to people getting stuck in it. He then gets fired. He tries out at a movie theatre, but puts in way too much popcorn. He then tries for a job at a hospital but gets fired due to allegedly putting laughing gas into the oxygen tanks. Freida and Jen have heard of Andy's shenanigans at the hardware store and theatre. Freida suggests Al hire Andy at the paper plant, which Al doesn't like. Jen and Freida plan to clean up East Gackle for the Most Beautiful Canadian Towns competition. Jen doesn't want to help her mother but she has to to avoid being grounded for a month due to her or someone connected to her using the car. Al doesn't know why Freida is bothering. Al wonders if he needs to find another job. The nurse then phones Freida. Freida then plans to have an exciting time volunteering with Jen, but the latter is all cynical and insincere and wants to be at the pool with Teri looking at hunky guys. Freida wants to remove the raccoon from the rubbish bin. Jen is handed supplies for picking up litter and makes another insincere, cynical comment about looking and feeling like she's in prison. She says a reluctant thanks for the supplies, but undermines it by calling Freida "warden". At home, Andy and Daniel "Danny" Thaddeus Pickett are looking at Jen's hair supplies and the glue, olive oil, orange dye and salsa. They appear to be about to put it all in Jen's hair, but then Al walks in, saying that he hired Andy to work in the paper plant's Quality Control department. Andy doesn't like the sound of it. He then tells Andy to buy new shampoo. Danny tries to find a bright side, but can't, and neither can Andy, who fears being watched. Andy's work day is started with a lab coat and donuts, followed by an orientation tape, which talks about the uses of paper that computers don't have. Andy, out of curiosity, accidentally alerts security. Al gets rid of them, but Andy thinks it was cool. Al tells Andy nobody's allowed in the room he was about to enter. Andy wonders if gold/aliens are in there, but Al says it's a secret new toilet paper. Al reluctantly tells the secret: they are experimenting with different roll sizes, some half a meter wide apparently. Andy asks why, but Al doesn't know. Freida and a still-grumpy Jen ,who is going on about child labor like she sometimes does, are painting a lamppost green. A man shows up, and introduces the judges: Mr. and Mrs. Swift and their son Blake. Freida is flattered, and introduces Jen. Blake goes off to go to a cafe. Jen is a bit giggly about Blake. At Al's work, Al gives Andy a job: make sure all the pieces of paper are blank and no jokes allowed except during lunch break. Andy then begins working, but gets bored soon. He falls asleep but wakes up shortly. After an hour of boredom, he wants to break Al's rules and play a prank. Andy walks over to the prohibited area, and despite not being tired is extremely bored and wonders how he will stay awake. Andy sees the giant toilet paper roll. On the streets, Freida and Jen are gardening, and Jen is clumsy, which amuses Blake, Andy and Danny. Andy says he will pull the biggest toilet paper prank in the world. Danny wonders if they will T.P. City Hall or Principal De Rosa's house. Andy says it is bigger and an event in history: they will toilet paper the entire school. Danny says it will take a lot of toilet paper, and Andy says it will actually take one massive toilet paper roll and he knows where to get one. He pretends there is a security alert over the megaphone to divert the guards to the men's bathroom on the second floor. Only one flees, leaving two left. Danny, using ketchup, claims to be injured. A guard takes him to the nurse, where he is bandaged up like a mummy, and then goes back to his post. Andy tries to scare the guards with a windup mouse but it only works on one. The guards then go away and use a robot to steal Danny's sandwich. Andy and Danny then go into the room and admire the giant toilet roll. In town, Freida plants the last shrub and tells Jen to put fertilizer on the plants. Jen says it stinks. Blake comes and admires Freida's not minding getting her hands dirty. Jen, to impress him, puts fertilizer on her face. Blake says she is playing in the dirt, and Freida says the fertilizer is mainly manure, which grosses Blake and Jen out. Freida then rushes Jen. At the paper plant, Danny says the place is making him need to go, which Andy says is too much information, as he is now imagining Danny peeing against a wall. They begin to work and make a meter-wide, four-kilometer roll. Andy says that he dreamed about a toilet paper roll that size when he was younger. Danny asks how they will move the roll. Andy plans to use a truck, which Danny doesn't like. The toilet paper, by accident, rolls down the hill. The man and two boys chase it with the car, and it gets all over town. Freida and a grumpy-again Jen are admiring a wooden statue. Freida asks Al if he's sure Andy is at the paper plant and Al says he is. Jen becomes giggly over Blake and tries to ask him out, but Blake says no as he is older. He starts teasing in baby talk. Andy runs past on the giant toilet roll, bumps into the statue, and is launched into the trash can. Jen actually thanks Andy sincerely and then teases Blake. Danny says it's cool, but Al and Freida get mad at Andy. However, the judges think the toilet paper is beautiful and puts it on the top ten list. Al tells Andy it's his last prank and he needs to clean up. Andy, however, gives the security guards a pie in the face.