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Fun FactsEdit

  • This entire show is based on Andy Griffiths' children's series of Just books, although the majority of episodes are not based on the books. In fact, in place of Just Tricking's Terrible Christmas and a Crappy New Year, there is an entirely new Christmas special, most likely because the word "crap" is generally frowned upon by children's networks, despite a season of Hey Arnold! in which it was allowed for Helga Pataki to use the word often. Other changes include Andy's last name, which was originally that of his creator, and other minor name changes that were in essence pointless.
  • Andy's best friend's last name has always been Pickett, even since the book series. The name "Danny Pickett" is derived from Jim Kjelgaard's Big Red.
  • The setting of the first season of What's With Andy was in the USA. In the second and third seasons, they all have been relocated to Canada. It is very evident in the episode Rhyme Time" that they lived in the USA because of the American history that Andy recited and that the second language they were taught was Spanish rather than French which is taught as a second language in Canada. Also In "Gnome for the Holidays", a building can be seen saying, US Post Office.

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